Questions and Answers about Naturamax

Which type of results people get when using Naturamax?
Naturamax users reported us different experiences. Results can be different due to differencies between metabolismes, however we can say the average penis size gain is around 2-3 inches(7-10 cm). Some people report three inches result at the time of using the pills. The outcomes have proven to be so impressive that some doctors recommend Naturamax to their clients to prevent critical surgical treatment.

Here is some Naturamax Results you can expect :

First month, you will have significantly stronger yet more durable erections, which implies that Naturamax has effect on your penis blood circulation and penile blood is flowing more widely within your male organ. You will definitely experience extra endurance and vitality during sex.

Second month,a small growth in penis thickness both in the erected state and in a soft state state will become visible. It may also be possible in some case to start seeing some enlargement in term of the penis length .At this point, you will notice extremely remarkable erections hardness whenever you feel aroused.

Third month,you will have a significantly bigger male organ in thickness as well as in length. Continuing the usage of Naturamax will only maximize the size increases you already have obtained and if you take Naturamax longer time the size gains will be much more consistent.

What is the main difference of Naturamax from other penis enlargement products?
Being totally free of any chemical substances or pharmaceutic compounds makes Naturamax definately unique and different from other products that are alike in some aspect. Naturamax is processed by totally organically grown herbs, that is why Naturamax offers consumers a risk-free and results-oriented option to other sorts of very dangerous and unpleasant surgical procedure.

Is there any side effect of Naturamax?
Naturamax has absolutely no unwanted effects besides having a bigger and harder penis. On the other hand it is strongly recommended to examine the label and always make sure you consume it as instructed on the label. In case of any heart ailments or critical health problems or usage of any kind of prescription drugs, it is recommended to seek advice from your health care provider before using Naturamax.

Usage of Naturamax
You should take normally 2 capsules in a day, along with a cup of milk, normal water or fruit juice. The combining effects increase every day when you keep taking Naturamax capsules. It is possible to increase the normal dose if you want to get the results quickly, however it is not advisable to use more than 4 capsules in a day ( i.e. twenty four time interval) .

Please make sure you use Naturamax on a regular basis in the 1st month without missing a dose. If it happens , take that dose when you remember it. But if the time is very close to the next dose, you may skip the dose and continue to take it as usual .
There is 60 capsules in a Naturamax bottle and 15 capsules in a blister.
Does Naturamax necessitate a prescription from a Doctor?
NO, Naturamax does't necessitate any prescription. But if you are on a medication or any kind of other medicine , we recommend you to contact your local health practitioner before use.

What is your shipping policy?
The delivery time of your order depends on your location/country, however normally orders are processed and shipped in 24 hours after your payment is authorized. Worldwide delivery takes usually between 7 - 14 days except unforseen transit conditions that may occur, we will appreciate your patience in that case.

Is it safe to place an order online on ?
Yes , definately! To place an order online on our website is completely safe and very easy since all orders and payments by credit card are processed through a fully secure 128 bit encryption software which keep safe all of your card details .

Do you offer Money Back Guarantee?
Yes there is a full guarantee to ensure you will get your money back in 60 days if you feel unhappy with the results of our products , but we believe this is a far possibility because we are very confident of our product Naturamax . However if you want to return it back just send it within sixty days period starting from the purchase date and we will refund you for any unopened bottle or 1 opened bottle (minus shipping+ handling charges) .

Will the name of the product I bought appear on the card statement?
No , nothing about the name or what you have bought will be mentioned on your statement and you will also be notified by email about what you will see on your statement.
Naturamax pills will also come to you in a discreet package so that no one can guess what is inside.

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